AGNI ‘Our Digestive Fire”

Ayurveda speaks of Agni as our digestive fire. When we think of digestion we often relate it to our food consumption and elimination. Eating and assimilating nutrients are a part of Agni however, Agni includes much more than this. Anything we are stimulated or come into contact with requires intake, transformation, distribution, absorption, and elimination. This is the essence of Agni. It governs the ability expel our experiences, food, events, feelings, and other stimulus. Without the ability to eliminate or avoid that which does not serve us, an environment for disease ensues. When Agni is strong and healthy it promotes immunity, good digestion, quality sleep, stability in the mind, and rich experiences of love. When impaired it can manifest through emotional issues, weakness or fatigue, loss of appetites, congestion, gas, and many other complications. Therefore, the efficiency of one’s Agni becomes paramount to the health of an individual.

How to improve Agni:

  • Asses lifestyle including activities, diet, stress management, and thought patters
  • Find the imbalances and problem areas
  • Seek help


  • Cultivate happiness and contentment
  • Look at improper food combinations and meal routines
  • Practice Daily Exercise

 Improving Agni is an integral part of managing imbalances in ones life. If you or someone you know suffers from any affliction, Agni is one of the prime causes. There is a robust community of support in a myriad of mediums that is available to help with the management of your life. Please reach out and get the support that is needed even if you are healthy. Preventative measures are much more effective than emergent ones, so, let your health be your measure of success.

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