Back Pain?

Our bodies are unique, beautiful, and are our most significant assets as we move from birth to death. With any investment, one must care for and manage its performance over time. If properly exploited, one’s body can last well into the elderly ages. With this theory in mind, diet, lifestyle, and performance are all tools readily available. One way to prime a body asset is to participate in a sports activity such as weight training, running, dancing, tennis, cycling, etc. Many people throughout the world train their body/mind complexes through fitness. In a study by Fett, Trompetter, and Platen (2017), over 80% of athletes experience back pain. In this study, healthy and prosperous people all experienced back pain. Additionally, according to the Centers for Disease Controls and Prevention, approximately 30% of Americans suffer from back pain (Quickstats, 2020).

Every instance of back pain is unique. There is no one-stop remedy for this; however, we can incorporate some general principles into exercise to mitigate potential harm.

How to avoid back pain in and out of the gym:

  1. Get proper sleep and rest
  2. Stretch
  3. Warm-Up
  4. Focus in and out
    1. Strong core
    1. Proper posture/technique
  5. Listen to the small fluctuations in your body/mind complex

Any injury that occurs over time, like non-traumatic back pain, can be subverted through early detection of the cause. Enlisting the help of professionals trained in proper training will help protect the investment we have in our bodies and extend the life cycle. Next time you go to the gym or stream a fitness class, seek out someone who can help you find the right program and procedure.



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