Sleep Basics

Sleep can help people fight the negative effects of stress and tiredness more effectively every day. It’s something that alters the consciousness of an individual while resting during evening hours. This naturally recurring state allows the mental health and body of a person to be rejuvenated regularly every morning. If people will never sleep regularly […]

Fine Tuning Your Mental Clarity on a Daily Basis

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So where to start? How about with the mind, seeing as the mind leads and the body follows. If you can keep your brain sharp and your mind nimble, then you will be able to enjoy life in at least some capacity and maintain your dignity. What’s more though, is that a healthy mind will […]

Increasing Brain Energy and Mood With Nutrition and Nootropics

There are many things that change in the brain and that are responsible for the changes we see in our abilities and our personalities. Many of these can be somewhat mitigated by the right nutrient and/or supplement regime however and when nutrients, herbs or medications are used in this way they’re referred to as ‘nootropics’ […]

The Best Diet for Looking and Feeling Younger

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Well really, there’s just one rule. That is: seek out nutrients! By extension, this also means you’re better off avoiding those sugary carbs and processed foods like chips, crisps, cake, chocolate bars, pasta and rice. These foods all spike your blood sugar and lower insulin sensitivity, thereby increasing your risk of diabetes (which you’re at increasing […]

The Importance of Breathing

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To both relieve stress and centered your mind, I think it’s important to also touch on how breathing impacts our body and health. Beyond just breathing techniques, there’s a lot that breathing plays into the mind, aside from the fact that we need it to survive. To summarize, this is what happens when you have […]

Benefits of Stretching in Body Building

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Before beginning any exercise routine, you should do some warm-up exercises. This is usually done by performing stretching exercises, which helps prepare the body for more rigorous activity. Here are some of the benefits of stretching. 1. Gives Your Body More Range of Movement If we are consistently doing the stretching exercises, the length of […]

Ride the Tide of Energy

Our energy levels come in ebbs and flows and we are all beholden to this natural ‘cycle’. At certain points during the day, you will feel energetic and at others, you’ll feel listless and exhausted. Instead of trying to force your body to be energetic when you need it to be and tired when you […]

Lifestyle Habits Which Cause Stress

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Unhealthy lifestyle habits are some of the biggest stressors. You may not realize it, but some of the habits which you do on a regular basis could be a huge contributor to your stress levels. Do you lift a cigarette to your mouth whenever you’re feeling stressed and anxious? Or do you turn to alcohol […]

Your Lifetime Relaxation Techniques

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One of the worst things about stress is that it is not always clear how to deal with it. If you’ve ever been stressed about something and then began to feel even more stressed because you couldn’t get in control of these anxious feelings, you will understand. How-ever, there are several techniques which you can […]

Recognizing Stressful Situations

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A huge part of dealing with stressful situations and managing to be able to regain your state of calm when things start to go off course is recognizing what an impending stressful situation looks like. Of course, this isn’t always going to be possible as some stressful situations in your life may be genuinely unexpected, […]

How You Can Control How Fast (or Slowly) You Age

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No one wants to get older but unfortunately, until they discover an elixir of youth, it’s unavoidable.But just because you have to get older, no one said you had to do it quickly. And no one said you couldn’t age well and keep your good youthful looks, energy and health! Many of us assume that […]

Mindset and Goals: Mindset and Body

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How many times have you started a new fitness program only to be disappointed? How many times have you promised yourself you would eat less and be more disciplined in the kitchen only to completely abandon those plans?Are you someone who has been a little out of shape for the last ten years despite your […]

The Power of The Breath

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Your brain cannot function without oxygen. Your heart needs a steady supply of oxygen-rich blood to keep it beating, and your cells ought to be receiving enough oxygen to stay alive. Poor breathing can cause your brain to go into a so-called “fight or flight” reaction. Your brain is only able to function effectively while […]

Anuloma Viloma Pranayama

Pranayama Yoga Breathing Technique Outdoors

Swami Kuvalyanand once said: “Yoga has a message for the human body, for the human mind and the human spirit.” This is a truism as a healthy body is the prime requisite for success and happiness in life. People are increasingly being convinced that yoga makes for good health, contentment and happiness in present day […]

Surya Namaskar

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One of the all-around yoga exercises is the 12-step salute to the sun. Do it once or twice when you get up in the morning to help relieve stiffness and invigorate the body. Multiple repetitions at night will help you to relax; insomniacs often find that six to 12 rounds help them fall asleep. 1. […]

Yama & NiYama in Yoga

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Yoga defines yama and niyama as the positive and negative aspects of behavior, respectively. Traditional texts mention ten yamas and ten niyamas but Patanjali’s Yogasutra, which is considered the original treatise on yoga, defines five yamas and five niyamas. It has been mentioned that in Manusmirti that it is more important to follow yamas than […]

Seek Your True Self And Find What Really Motivates You


Most likely the hardest thing that a person could achieve is finding out who he/she really is. It’s not some literal question but rather who are you going to follow and who are you going to become? A lot of people look up to others as their role models, their inspiration, and their mentors. It’s […]

What’s the difference between IQ and EQ?

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Most people have heard of emotional intelligence or EQ, but many don’t understand how important it is to their happiness and success. Due to the advancements in neuroscience, we now know that we can change our lives for the better by developing a stronger EQ. But where does that leave IQ, the old standard? And […]

The Importance of Stress Management

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            Stress tends to be the crutch of humanity. While most other creatures out there would use stress to their advantage to pull through any serious life-threatening situations, we tend to take a different approach when it comes to facing off against stressful situations. We usually either freeze up, leaving us completely vulnerable against any […]

Simple Ways To Calm Anxiety

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If you are suddenly finding yourself nervous, scared, really worried and have no clue why you are feeling this way you could discover that you are part of a growing trend of people suffering from anxiety. This is not something to be ashamed of, nor is it something that demands a large amount of medication […]