Hydration & Ayurveda

Water is the nectar of the earth, without it, life as we know it would not exist.  According to Popkin, D’Anci, and Rosenburg (2010), our bodies are comprised of approximately 75% water at birth and is vital for our homeostasis (balance).  In the Ayurvedic perspective water is viewed as one of the five core elements that are the foundation of earth and the inhabitants thereof.   

Popkin, D’Anci, and Rosenberg (2010), expound that the percentage of water in humans decreases as we age to an average of 55% in the elderly.  This is in line with the Ayurvedic perspective.  Many non-Ayurvedic studies and articles have provided guidance on healthy quantities of water to ingest, however, Ayurveda posits a unique view.

Ayurveda has three humors (Dosha) that are descriptive of key theories relating to the mind/body complex.  These are Vata (Air & Either, theory of movement), Pitta (Fire & Water, Theory of transformation), and Kapha (Earth & Water, Theory of Solidification).  Thus, in the Ayurvedic perspective, different people should consume water in unique amounts and methods.  Such as:

In General:

  • All dosha’s benefit from drinking warm water verses cold water.

Vata (tends to be more dehydrated):

  • Should drink more water throughout the day
  • Drink warm liquids such as teas
  • Option: Add Ginger to water to increase absorption

Pitta (tend to sweat and metabolize quickly):

  • Drink substantial amounts of water throughout the day
  • Drink room temp water
  • Option: Add cucumber to cool

Kapha (tend to retain water and metabolize slowly):

  • Should sip water throughout the day as needed
  • Drink warm liquids
  • Option: Add cayenne to stoke digestion

Everyone is unique and requires different combinations of everything.  The idea here is to become hypersensitive to our experience and what we need.  Ayurveda provides a rich framework for health.  To learn more book your discovery session now!


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