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Migraines & Ayurveda

Over a billion people around the world suffer from migraines.  Additionally, women are more symptomatic than men report to be (Burch, Buse, & Lipton, 2019).   According to a recent study a prime factor contributing to chronic migraines is lifestyle.  It was found that weight loss and improved sleep independently accounted for up to 49% reduction in frequency of migraine episodes (Burch, Buse, & Lipton, 2019).  This study highlights that focusing on lifestyle modifications that improve key health factors can reduce the episodic frequency of a migraine.  

Ayurveda offers a vast array of recommendations to help aid those on the journey to improve their lifestyle and their struggle with migraines.  In the Ayurvedic perspective, migraines are caused by the Pitta dosha and aggravated by Vata (Lambert, 2018).  This statement simply means that migraines are a misbalance of all bodily systems including digestion.  Thus, in the Ayurvedic perspective, the body needs strengthened and balanced.  Each person is different and requires different remedies, however, there are some universally accepted strategies to help start the path to recovery.  

To start the process of migraine management: 

  1. Manage sleep 
  1. Find your healthy weight through; improved digestion, health choice of foods, and staying adequately hydrated 
  1. Exercise regularly 
  1. Seek herbal support 

These are only a few starting points to consider.  We mentioned that all people are different and require a more personalized approach to remedy a migraine.  The idea that has been illustrated is that a good portion of non-trauma migraines can be modified though lifestyle.  The remainder must be treated by your healthcare professional.   For more information on how to modify lifestyle, diet, and herbs, book your discovery session now for free.



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