Prana “Life Force”

Every living thing on earth is comprised of Prana, the vital life force. Our food, our bodies, and our worldly cohabitates need prana to live. This concept goes much deeper than the air we breathe or the food we ingest. It is the animating influence behind our existence. The presence of Prana allows us to develop, flourish, grow, and eventually die. Our prana is carried through our inhalations, exhalations, and the elements that enter our bodies. Therefore, how we breath and the quality of the breath dictates the amount of Prana we absorb. Through our breath we can calm our anxiety or energize our lethargy.

How to practice conscious breathing:

  • Notice your breath and feel the qualities it possesses. Feel where it goes and where it is coming from.
  • Allow your energy to flow with the breath.
  • Do not try to control anything, just be with it.
  • Many times, throughout the day feel your body as you breathe and practice the previous steps.
  • There is no need to do anything but be with yourself, your breath, and notice the Prana entering your body.

It is important to take time to be mindful and notice how thoughts, foods, and external variables funnel the flow of breath and by default, Prana. Notice how Prana does not judge or discriminate. It is there and available to all who wish to partake. Most of the time we breath without awareness or thought. As we practice mindfulness, we combine energy and consciousness with our breath and Prana creating space. In this space, we can build anything from pleasure to pain.

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