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Take the challenge and join us for your ‘Journey to Evolution’

The price for membership is $49.99 now, and $49.99 every Month.

BELLA*Evolvere membership expires after 12 Months.


BELLA*Due Monthly

Includes 2 (bi-weekly) Ayurvedic consultations per month.

The price for membership is $259.99 now, and $259.99 every Month.

BELLA* Meditare ‘Meditations’

Our collection of meditations tailored to the balancing of your life.  Join our BELLA*Meditare program for 12.99 per month. You’ll have access to all meditations past and future.  We hope you will benefit greatly as a result of taking time to visualize your defined goals.  

The price for membership is $12.99 now, and $12.99 every Month.


BELLA*Fitness Companion

Over 150 Fitness Tutorials at your fingertips

The price for membership is $12.99 now, and $12.99 every Month.


BELLA* OnDemand

On demand access of the past group class recordings from the live online group classes.  This includes Ballroom, Fitness, and Vedic classes.

The price for membership is $19.99 now, and $19.99 every Month.


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